Mayor Cooney invites Valley residents to a Town Hall meeting on September 27

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by Richard Uhlhorn

It is not often that a contractor is able to credit a part of their contract back to the city, but that is exactly what happened with Selland Construction requested a change order to change from the original water pipe to a different pipe system for the waterline under the Woodin Avenue Bridge.


Public Works Director Jake Youngren

“The proposal doesn’t affect the change in the construction time frame,” said Public Works Director Jake Youngren. The proposed change of material also doesn’t affect the pipe criteria.

In addition, the change order results in a credit back to the City of $16,458.40. The City Council approved the change order.


Ben Salin requested a Utility Extension for his 37 acre property that is not served with water. The Council approved the extension.

The Council also unanimously approved a Utility Extension Agreement with Ben Salin who owns 37 acres, 25 of which will remain in apple orchard and the rest will be developed into three to five acre home lots at what Salin says will be at below market value. “Our view of this is the best use of the property,” stated Salin.


Cindy Wall is heading up a voter registration drive in the Valley.

Cindy Wall spoke to the Council about a National non-partisan effort to register people to vote. She stated that only 43,000 are registered to vote in the County. “We can do better than that. The group is setting up registration booths at three different locations in town to help get people registered.

The group is also willing to travel to people who have no means of transportation to register. She wants the City Council to spread the word and also requested more volunteers to help the effort.

Council comments:

Councilman Ray Dobbs has been diligently working on bringing free shuttle service back to Chelan in hopes of alleviating some of the parking pressure, especially at Lakeside Park.


Ray Dobbs

Dobbs stated that initially the service will be for Chelan only, but hopefully will eventually include Manson. The shuttle service is planned to operate between Wal-Mart and Lakeside from May to October.

Mayor Mike Cooney reminded everyone of the upcoming Town Hall meeting that will take place on Thursday, September 27 with the stated purpose of discussion the communities interest in purchasing land currently owned by Golden Gate Ventures in Salt Lake, Utah.

This property was originally being developed by the Sno-Creek group and when that failed, the Daybreak group took over with plans to build estate homes and an exclusive golf course. That also went bankrupt, but in the effort to develop the land, it was annexed into the City.

This meeting will take place at the Chelan Senior Center on Thursday, September 27, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Bring your comments, ideas and questions for the Mayor.

The next City Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 25. The public is encouraged to attend

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