Sheriff Burnett presented Chelan law enforcement statistics to City Council


by Richard Uhlhorn

Sheriff Brian Burnett presented City Council with Sheriff’s Department statistics for the City of Chelan at Chelan’s City Council meeting on Tuesday, August 13. He was assisted by Chelan’s Sgt. Chris Foreman and Undersheriff Jason Mathews.


Sheriff Brian Burnett gave Chelan City Council a presentation on law enforcement activities in the City of Chelan for 2018 and to date 2019.

Sheriff Burnett started the conversation by telling the Council that adult arrests and DUI’s were up substantially which he attributed to Memorial Day arrests from visiting King County deputies.

“I think we’ve done a real good job of bringing Memorial Day back to a more family oriented weekend,” said Burnett.

The Chelan unit to date has posted 214 adult arrests out of the 16,373 City Patrol Hours so far in 2019. Thirty one of those arrests were alcohol related ; 17 were assault charges; and 24 were theft charges. “DUI’s have seen a double increase,” said Burnett. Another big statistic was 36 domestic violence arrests.

Asked how the department handles loud music and noise, Sgt. Chris Foreman explained that deputies generally give the noise makers a warning first, collect a phone number and the name of the responsible home owner and/or renter. “If it continues after the first warning, they will be ticketed,” said Foreman.


Sgt. Chris Foreman described how his deputies handled issues within the City

Burnett reported that there were no fatality incidents in the City limits.

Mayor Mike Cooney remarked that there seemed to be a lot more crime activities within the City limits. Foreman replied that there were a number of well known drug houses in the City and that his staff was spending time in those areas. “They are no longer in the City,” said Foreman.

Councilwoman Kelly Allen brought up the issue of kids jumping off the Woodin Avenue Bridge. “Where there is a bridge and water, you will have bridge jumpers,” said Burnett. He added that it is a hard one to stop.


Councilwoman Kelly Allen brought up the issue of kids jumping off the old bridge.

Burnett reported in the 2018 annual report that the Chelan County Marine Patrol continued its partnership with the Lake Chelan School District to talk about water safety and to take students out on the water as a part of their Lifetime Activities Class.

Another partnership has been with the Lake Chelan Research Institute and the schools in both Manson and Chelan to conduct water quality testing. This program and interactions with students helps to build positive relationships and promote boating safety. “We look forward to continuing this program,” said Burnett.

Burnett told the Council that training comes with a price. “There are things coming our way and we are looking hard at how we train our staff,” said Burnett. They conduct annual in service training for 24 hours. Over a three year period deputies have to have 40 hours of continuing education to meet current standards and to be recertified.

Burnett added that Washington State has 11,000 certified law enforcement officers. “We are living in a complicated world. Some of it we don’t like.” He vowed to continue having conversations with the citizens of Chelan County.


Mayor Mike Cooney lauded Sgt. Chris Foreman for his work as the Sgt. in charge of the Chelan’s North Division.

Mayor Cooney remarked at the end of the presentation that Sgt. Chris Foreman has been an excellent choice to lead the Chelan Division.

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