Hospital commission approves concept designs for new hospital

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Construction and Design Team moving forward with Construction Drawings for Bidding

by Richard Uhlhorn

The Hospital Board of Commissioners held a special meeting on Tuesday, October 2, to go over the contractor and architectual planner’s concept drawing for the upcoming hospital that voters approved several years ago.


Interim Hospital CEO Mike Ellis

Mike Ellis, interim CEO, started the discussion by telling the commission, “We started with a concept. We are making sure we can do this.”

Ellis stated that the presentation is from the planning stage before it is turned into actual construction drawings for bidding. “They came in a little on the high side, but sharpened their pencils and came back with options to get the (new) hospital within the funding we have,” said Ellis.


Jamey Bariet, Associate Principal at Collins Woerman gave a conceptual overview of the new hospital’s planning process.

Jamey Bariet, Associate Principal with Collins Woerman, told the commission that tow major pieces were adjusted. These included site development and parking stalls at the back of the hospital for employees. “Site development costs can add up really quick,” he said. As for parking, the concept now has extended parking in front of the facility.

The concept for the hospital is at 59,359 square feet as opposed to the original 77,000 sq. ft. planned. “We think this design meets the program,” said Bariet. “There are still contingencies and unknowns.”


The planning team from Left: Jamey Barlet – CollinsWoerman; Keith Null – CollinsWoerman; Dick Bratton – Project Manager; and Kreg Shelby – Bouten Construction.

Ellis explained that the concept has raw land for a clinic and future facility for Emergency Medical Services. “A lot of work has been done short of construction drawing documents,” said Ellis.


Overall Hospital Concept drawing

A few members of the Hospital commission are concerned about the $4 billion dollars worth of construction projects on the books in eastern Washington and how that might affect getting subcontractors to bid reasonable numbers for the hospital project.


Conceptual Hospital Floor Plan

Project Manager Dick Bratton said that in the State of Washington you have to have a bidding contingency and design contigency. Ellis said the hospital’s contingency was $1.1 million dollars.

Bratton stated that there was $1.5 billion in projects in Spokane for new schools that could affect a little bid. “We have contacted sub-contractors and are confident we will get a good turnout during the bid process,” said Bratton. “Knowing they have the project they can begin scheduling.”

In addition to the Hospital Commission approving the bidding documents, the Department of Health also has to approve them. “It is a process to get approval and permits.”

Commissioner Mary Signorelli said she appreciated the group keeping them on track. “I’m happy to be at this point and that we all understand the direction we are going.”

Commission chair Phyllis Gleasman said she appreciated the design team and contractor taking the time to visit with employees and asking for their advice.

The hospital has $44.5 million for construction with $33.1 million for construction with other costs being a piece of the total pie including finance costs and pre-construction costs.

The commission unanimously approved the conceptual plans so the contractors can move forward to construction design drawings. These should be ready by next spring.

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