City Council accepts Department of Commerce $30,000 grant to write a Housing Action Plan for Chelan

by Richard Uhlhorn

Evie Hirschberger, a Chelan resident, once again addressed Chelan City Council regarding high density developments and her concerns that the development (Holiday Hills) in her neighborhood is zoned for multi-family dwellings that would allow monthly rentals. “Keep in mind those of us who have built houses in Chelan,” said Hirschberger. “Why are we not looking at other communities in how they have addressed these issues.”


Evie Hirschberger continues to address City Council concerning developments and development standards.

Hirschberger went on to comment how important municipal codes are for protecting neighborhoods. “If the codes don’t protect neighborhoods, we have failed,” she stated.

Mayor Bob Goedde told Hirschberger that there might be a position opening up on the Planning Commission. Hirschberger replied that if the codes aren’t protecting neighborhoods, they need to be made stronger.

A special presentation was made by J-U-B Engineers Steve Marshall on the companies Master Plan for the airport. He stated that more large airplanes would want to use Chelan Airport for charter operations from the metro areas. However, he said if a pilot determines that the runway is too short or won’t handle his aircraft landing at Chelan, he will make the obvious decision to fly on to Wenatchee or another airport that will handled his aircraft.


Steve Marshall of J-U-B Engineers presented an update on the
Chelan Airport Master Plan

Marshall reported that there are currently 160 operations at the airport. Mayor Goedde asked if the runway is stong enough to handle larger aircraft. Marshall stated that it was more about runway width than strength. Councilman Peter Jamtgaard asked if Chelan has the runway length and Marshall said that all airplanes are different. “Some need more runway.”

Peri Gallucci is working on a Cat Spay/Neuter Clinic on Wednesday, April 1, in Manson at Dr. Kathyeryn Kraemer’s Lakeland Veterinary Clinic. “This is the first community clinic we are hosting,” said Gallucci.


If you have a pet that needs to be neutered, the cost is only $25.00. However, if it is a feral cat, the cost is only $10. “There are many benefits to spaying,” said Gallucci. “It can increase their life span three to five years.”


City Clerk Peri Gallucci described an upcoming Spay and Neuter on April 1 in Manson at low cost for people who might not have the money to otherwise spay their pet cat. It also offers lower spaying costs for feral cats.

The Wenatchee Valley Humane Society is taking donations to help individuals who can’t afford the service. So far, $350 has been donated. If you make a donation, make sure you tell the Humane Society person that the donation is for the Manson Clinic. To make an appointment, call the Humane Society at 509-662-9577.

Mayor Goedde read a World Spay Day Proclamation.

Motion Considerations:

 The Washington State Department of Commerce has offered a $30,000 grant to the City of Chelan to perform a Housing Action Plan.

The City’s Planning Commission has been working on alternative housing type standards as a way of meeting the City’s housing needs based only on the Comprehensive Plan.

The $30,000 Action Plan is a first step towards adopting new forms of housing regulations. Drafting of this plan will include a Housing Steering Committee and public input. “We want to get public input to answer basic questions. This is a chance to look at our housing needs,” said Planning Department Director Craig Gildroy.

The Council unanimously authorized the Mayor to execute the agreement with the Department of Commerce.

The Council also unanimously approved a contract with Berk Consulting to write the Housing Action Plan. “They did all the anlysis for us in 2017,” said Gildroy. The Housing Action Plan will build on the 2017 Comprehensive Plan Housing and Economic Development Elements, and look at existing conditions and trends to develop a long term housing strategy within the City, not just for affordable housing but all housing needs.

Public Works brought a Professional Services Agreement forward to the Council in the amount of $43,613 for S&B Inc. for software integrations services for the Water Treatment Plant Valve and Instrumentation Project.

This Project replaces flowmeters, valves, and actuators that will require software design to integrate into the operations of the treatment facility.

The Project was budgeted at $1,187,800, but ended up $422,478 less than the estimate for a total of $618,536. The funds for the project will come from the City’s Water Capital Fund. Public Works Director Jake Youngren said it’s nice to have a project come in under the estimated cost. “It’s nice to win sometimes.”

The Council unanimously approved the Professional Services Agreement iwth S&B Inc.

Youngren also brought forward a budgeted project to conduct a Sanitation Rate Study this year. The proposal was to authorize Mayor Goedde to finalize and execute an agreement with Bell and Associates for this study at a cost of $11,290.

There will be a City Workshop on Tuesday, March 3, beginning at 4 p.m. Today’s topics include the following topics:

  • Information Board Discussion (Mayor Goedde)
  • Short Term Rental License Discussion (Planning Director Gildroy
  • Rate & Fee Resolution Amendments for Building and Planning (Gildroy)
  • Special Event Fees Discussion (Staff)
  • 2020 Proposed Budget Amendments (Finance Director Steve Thornton.

The next regularly scheduled Council meeting is on March 10 beginning at 6 p.m.

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