Chelan superintendent working on school re-opening procedures

by Richard Uhlhorn

Chealn Schools Superintendent Barry DePaoli updated the school board on the potential reopening of its schools in the fall. In a letter to Governor Inslee, which he shared with the board, regional superintendents from North Central Washington requested that the State allow their schools to reopen in the fall. The letter stated the districts are willing to work side by side with their respective health districts to keep staff and students safe.


Superintendent Barry DePaoli

“We were expecting to have some information, but it has been delayed until Friday,” DePaoli told the board. “We will be moving forward once we get the guidelines.”

DePaoli is concerned about a second wave in the fall which would effectively leave the school district in a remote learning situation. “They say it could be larger then the first wave we’ve seen.”

“Our kids are really suffering,” said DePaoli. The District is reaching out to the Hispanic community for their thoughts. “We want to hear from them.” Board member Lynda Foster asked if the media will be informed? DePaoli replied it will eventually get out there.

On the operations side, DePaoli said there is a lot of work to be done before reopening because of COVID-19.

Jose Mendoza, Maintenance Supervisor, gave a presentation on capital projects within the school district totaled an estimated $300,000 and included the following work:

  • Roof upgrade and painting on the Flat Top building across from MOE. The Special Programs building would also be painted and the HVAC units would be raised 12″ off the roof.
  • At MOE, carpet would be replaced in classrooms 114 and 116; in the kindergarten hallway and first grade hallway along with rooms 201 and 204. An ADA auto open and access control would be added.
  • At the Middle/High School the capital projects included constructing permanent walls between Room 106 and Classrooms 113 and 115. The Woodshop stairs to the upper classrooms would be replaced and have new stair threads installed. The Main Entry Way to the school would be re-carpeted.

The District is also looking at a complete remodel of the Middle School/Public bathrooms which would cost $126,324 + tax. Other work planned included the Shop Yard clean-up, bleacher seating finished at Sargent Field and new mowers.

The bathroom remodel generated some discussion. Foster asked if these were the bathrooms the public used during events. DePaoli replied that they were public. Mendoza said the request came from OSPI during an audit. Principal Brad Wilson said, “They are showing age. Having a No-Touch bathroom would be a real plus.”

The construction of permanent walls between classrooms was deemed important. Sarah Clark said, “We share a wall with the intervention classroom which is very, very thin. For students reading independently, it gets loud.”

Total funds available for capital projects in 2020 is approximately $554,000.

DePaoli told the board he would prepare a summary of the Capital Project List for the next meeting.

The District announced its new hires which includes:

Megan Fink – HS Mathematics
Joss Poland – Business Teacher
Rachel Jacobus and Reece Bauer – MOE Counselors
Amy Eddy -Psychologist
Tony Callero – HS/MS Social Studies

DePaoli told the board that the District had 35 applications for the Athletic Director position and have narrowed the list to five candidates. “This is the most we’ve ever had for an administrative position,” said DePaoli. All of the candidates chosen for interviews have a masters and all are at a high level as coaches. Fifteen coaches, booster club members and parents were involved in the selection process.

The board also had first readings of Policy/Procedure Updates including:

ASB (Associated Student Body)
Accountability Goals
Procedures for Student Immunization and Life Threatening Health Conditions
Allowable costs for Federal Programs.

If you have questions or comments for the board during the remote meetings because of COVID-19, submit them to Georgia Mashayekh before 2 p.m. on School Board Meeting Dates which are the 2nd and 4th Tuesday’s of each month. Board meetings convene at 6 p.m. and if you would like to attend the meetings via telephone or computer, contact Mashayekh prior to 2 p.m. on the meeting date.


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