Hospital to send newsletter and letter to community

by Richard Uhlhorn
All Things Lake Chelan

In early February, district residents can expect to receive a newsletter and a letter written and edited by the board regarding the state of the hospital and what the timeline for the new facility is.

Lake Chelan Health is requesting that those interested in receiving the next dose of vaccines to visit the website frequently. Residents can also register at the hospital’s website for notification when doses come in.

Those who have already received their first shot, were given a card with a follow up appointment for their second shot of the vaccine.

There apparently is no indication of when new doses will arrive.

Regarding the progress on the new facility, not much was forthcoming during the Facilities Report. The committee meet on January 4 and stated that updating continues on plans and specifications for the new building. Permit applications have been made for fill and grade permits from the City. “Things are moving forward and all permits will be presented on February 4,” said Chair Phyliss Gleasman. CEO George Rohrich added that the facility plans are moving forward.

Commissioner Jordana LaPorte requested the committee’s minutes from its last meeting. She also complained about the number of acronyms in the report. “I don’t know what they are,” she said. “I need a decoeer to read these.” Rohrich said he will spell them out from now on.

Commissioner Mary Signorelli asked about the new hospital’s signage and Gleasman replied that Wenatchee’s Graybill Signs are working on them.

Tad Hunt from Huron gave a monthly presentation to the board on Board Governance and covered issues and responsibilities of the board. His presentation laid out that the board has the ultimate authority, but its primary responsibility is to monitor its CEO’s performance. He also presented that board members can not act alone and that they must speak as a board.

LaPorte asked what happens if one of the staff has an issue with the CEO? Hunt said, “That’s a fair question. There is a governance policy of that.” Rohrich added that there is a pathway of that potential problem. “Like a CEO stealing money for example (it has happened in the board’s past),” said Rohrich. Hunt added that there is nothing wrong with the board rounding with the staff and team, but not as a fishing excursion. It would also have to be reported at the board meeting.

December had the hospital’s finances lose $182,890.00 which was $114,790.00 over it projected loss of $68,110.00. The hospital’s financial situation is beginning to improve monthly and is expected to increase with the opening of the Urgent Care Clinic on February 1, and the recent report that the hospital is once again able to admit patients after a short shutdown to a COVID-19 issue.

The Board of Commissioners meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Residents within the District are invited to attend the Virtual meetings via ZOOM. These ZOOM meetings can be accessed from the Hospital’s agenda.

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