Emerson Village holds successful Grand Opening

by Richard Uhlhorn

Chelan Valley Land Trust hosted its first Grand Opening of affordable housing at the five unit Emerson Village. The event was attended by a number of notable local residents who have either supported this effort or were there to cheer the group on.

Charlie Guildner, president of North Cascades National Bank, was pleased the bank could help the Trust build the units and said, “I have 40 employees… half who can’t live where they work.” Guildner said he was very appreciative of all the support this project generated. “Some of my employees can now call Chelan home.” He added that the affordable housing needs to continue. “Let’s let it happen,” he said.

Charlie Guildner, president of North Central National Bank, made the opening statements at the Emerson Village Grand Opening on Saturday, April 17.

The Housing Trust has several other projects they are working on, most notably on nine acres adjacent to Anderson Road in east Chelan.

Mike Cooney, President of the Chelan Valley Housing Trust told those in attendance that “everybody should have the ability to buy a home in the town where they work.” He thanked the board members and mentioned that Steve Kline donated the property that the Emerson Housing development sits on. He also thanked Legislator Mike Steele for his help with the development of the property. “A lot of people stepped forward.”

Mike Cooney, Chelan Valley Housing Trust thanked everyone involved in making Emerson Village a success.

K&L Homes was thanked for their building skills and workmanship.

Tim Hollingsworth, board president, thanked those directly involved in the project and said, “These five units are a down payment of what we need to do in this valley.”

Board President Tim Hollingsworth remarked that this project is only the down payment for affordable housing in Chelan.
Executive Assistant at the Housing Trust, Rachel Goldie, cut the ribbon officially dedicating Chelan’s first affordable housing projcet

Executive Assistant Rachel Goldie said, “Welcome home” to the new home owners.

Community members who would like to get involved or donate to the Housing Trust can visit the organizations website to sign up or donate. https://chelanvalleyhousing.org/

Author: allthingslakechelan

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