Chelan Fire to host special meeting

by Richard Uhlhorn

Wednesday, March 1 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Deanna Walters – Chelan County Planner
John Ajax – Chelan City Planner
Discussion about current and future growth
in the County and City

Assistant Fire Chief Shaun Sherman and Fire Chief Brandon Asher report Chelan Fire and Rescue news and information monthly
at fire commission meetings.

Fire Chief report:
Chelan Fire and Rescue responded to 83 calls in December, most of which were EMS calls. “The average calls for December is 56,” said Chief Brandon Asher. “We are getting busier.”

In 2022 the District and EMS responded to 1081 calls. In December, Chelan Fire had on CPR Save on December 30, and multiple calls for snow/water damage including a lot of broken water pipes, sprinkler leaks and roofs that caved in. “The Grandview is still under fire watch,” stated Asher.

Administratively, the staff are getting its policies in one location for easy access. Asher told the commissioners that the 2023 Contract negotiations were coming up and that the district would be using comparables for the talks.

After the last day of the EMT class coming up, the district will be fully staffed. “We are working on a volunteer to work in a coordinator position. “This person on staff will help us out with recruitment,” said Asher.

Asher told the commissioners that they were working on regional job opportunities and seasonal hires.

Assistant Chief report:
Assistant Chief Shaun Sherman reported that one volunteer has dropped out but that the district is taking on up to two more volunteers. “We have five or so going to the Fire Academy and three that are still in the EMT class,” said Sherman. There is also an automobile extraction class being conducted.

The commissioners and staff agreed on a March 1 meeting with Chelan County Assessor/Interim County Planner, Deanna Walters and City Development Director John Ajax to talk to the district about current growth and future growth trends from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. “We are hoping to look 10 years down the road.”

Commissioner comments:
Russ Jones stated that some of the district’s volunteers are taking on more duties. Assistant Chief Sherman replied that the District is conducting a quartermaster program to help build out the Marine Program. Volunteer firefighters John Steiner and Ben Simmons want to help.

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