City Council approves Apple Blossom Center Development ordinance

by Richard Uhlhorn

John Torrance, an orchardist on Howard Flats that will be affected by the airport expansion spoke to the City Council on Tuesday evening, January 24 during the Citizen Comment period. “I am not here today to try and stop the expansion,” said Torrance. However, he told the council that 50 percent of his orchard would be eliminated making it difficult to make a living. “It is an economy of scale,” he said. Labor is hard to find and the reduced value of the orchard makes it hard to sell, explained Torrance. “Please consider zoning the orchard to commercial status,” said Torrance. “There is no other way to bring my orchard water, power and sewer to impact our property.” He then asked for the Council’s response at its earliest convenience.

John Torrance, an orchardist on Howard Flats that will be affected by the Chelan Airport Expansion addressed the City Council about his concerns over losing 50 % of his orchard.

Mayor Goedde replied, “I would like you to stay in touch with Wade (Ferris) and John Ajax (Community Development Director).

Apple Blossom Center:

Chelan City Council unanimously approved the Apple Blossom Center Development Ordinance as presented by Chelan’s Community Development Director, John Ajax.

Community Development Director John Ajax.

The only major change to the ordinance was a monetary contribution increase which began at $850 per unit constructed to $3,400 per unit which raises the contribution to $2.4 million dollars.

This contribution will be used to mitigate potential affordable housing impacts. Payment or deed restriction of the units shall be provided at the time of occupancy and will be adjusted annually for inflation during the term of the agreement.

Erin McCardle thanked Ajax for the immense number of hours he spent on the agreement. John Olson stated that the contribution is the first time it has been done in the region. Tim Hollingsworth stated it was a good compromise and that the developer was happy with it.

The agreement means that the development can go forward with permitting and construction of the first phase of apartments at Apple Blossom Center.

Darnell’s Pump Station:

Public Works Director Jake Youngren.

Public Works Director Jake Youngren asked the Council to approve a bid by contractor PIPE of Washington for the Darnell’s Booster Pump Station Improvements Project. Pipe came in under the engineers estimate of $620,000 with a bid of $515,508. All documentation of the bid were in compliance with the bidding requirements.

This project is Phase 1 of the city budgeted $2 million for the Downtown Capacity Improvements Project.

The remaining balance between the budgeted amount and bid amount ($154,492) will be used as contingency for this project as well as put towards the Main Zone Capacity Improvement Project, which is scheduled to take place this summer/fall.

Council approved the award and authorized Mayor Goedde to finalize and execute an agreement with POW Contracting. The also approved a Task Authorization for the Pump Station Services during the construction based on time and materials.

ADA Transition Plan:

“We missed our mark on this project,” said Youngren. RH2 Engineering came in with a bid to come up with a transition plan that was $50,000 higher than expected. Youngren explained that Public Works would have to come back to council for an amendment on the contract to cover the cost.

The Americans with Disabilities act (ADA) of 1990 requires municipalities to complete an ADA Transition plan in accordance with Title II, Part 35, Subpart D. City staff intends to utilize RH2 Engineering and their sub consultant, Transpo Group USA, Inc. (Transpo) to complete the ADA transition plan.

Youngren anticipates that the final plan will be available by the end of 2023.

Submarine Water Main Replacement Project Redesign:

The City is looking at replacing the submarine waterline that provides water to the Farnham Booster Pump Station. “It’s buried in the riverbed near the dam,” said Youngren. The replacement plan includes three options including replacing it in its current location with non-corrosive pipe; installing it under the Dan Gordon Bridge; and placing it on the Chelan River Dam. He asked the council to approve a CH2 Engineering Task Authorization worth $31,760.

John Olson remarked that the PUD would probably not be receptive to having the waterline on its dam. “They are not receptive to sharing facilities.”

There will be a site visit kickoff meeting to review the existing alignment and potential connection points with City Staff. The Council authorized the Mayor to finalize and execute the Task authorization.

Mears Design Group agreement:

City Council unanimously authorized the Mayor to finalize and execute an agreement with the Mears Design Group for the City’s Putting Course Irrigation Design.

John Olson remarked that some iterations of the potential Don Morse Park changes included removing the Putting Course. Parks Director Paul Horne replied that wouldn’t happen. “Seeing how popular the puttng course is, it will remain.”

Councilman John Olson

Lakeside Park Redevelopment Project:

Council approved a professional services agreement with the Berger Partnership LLC for a 60% design for the Lakeside project. Berger has been involved for grant services assistance for a Lakeside Park RCO grant application. On April 22, 2022, Council approved an agreement with Berger for a schematic design and federal permitting for the project.

Permitting with the Corps of Engineers will be required. Horne said, “I would be happy to have Berger come in and give an update on the project.”

Maintenance building testing and inspection services:

Council approved a professional services agreement with AAR Testing and Inspection, Inc. to provide services during the construction of the new Parks Maintenance Building. “We want third party independent testing and inspection services for material testing,” stated Horne.

Administrative reports:


Chelan City Clerk Peri Gallucci gave the Council an update on the new city website that is being constructed. “We’ve had five meetings with a citizen’s group and seven in-house meetings with staff,” said Gallucci. “We plan on going live by February 9.”

City Clerk Peri Gallucci.

City Administrator Wade Ferris remarked that hours upon hours had been spent putting the new website together. “I think we are going to get a quality product.”

Gallucci walked the Council through a video presentation on the website.

Downtown Revitalization Project:                                            

The City competitively solicited through a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for professional service support for the Chelan Downtown Revitalization Project. The City received three (3) Statements of Qualifications and the project steering committee interviewed two of the candidates. Beckwith Consulting Group was ultimately selected as the preferred consultant. The City is in the process of negotiating a scope and fee for the proposed project.

The Council will ultimately select the site plan for the project. Currently there is no funding for the project in place. Beckwith Consulting will begin their work

“There will be a lot of outreach with property owners and businesses and ultimately an open house,” said Youngren.

2022 Comprehensive Plan Amendments for Capital Facilities:

John Ajax told the Council that an annual comprehensive plan review process will be undertaken to scope the various projects and “dive a little deeper.”  He stated that amendments will be discussed with both the Council and committee in a workshop setting. “There will be a lot of outreach with property owners and businesses and ultimately an open house.

The City Council will be involved and make the final decisions on changes.

Mayor/Council comments:

All council members and staff thanked Patty Michajla for her service over the past five years as an assistant city clerk. Michajla’s retirement party was held earlier in the day with many staff and others wishing her and her husband well in retirement.

Mayor Goedde thanked Michajla for putting up with him over the past five years. Ferris added that she contributed a lot over the five year period and Peri Gallucci said, “I’m going to miss you. You have been a great friend and confident.” Michajla thanked everyone and said she would miss all of the staff and Council members.

Patty Michajla

Tim Hollingsworth told the Council that the Housing Trust has another project that is a couple of blocks from the Emerson housing project that will add six new units for sale. “It will be of similar style as the Emerson Village units,” said Hollingsworth.

Councilwoman Erin McCardle.

Erin McCardle stated that the City was quickly losing opportunities on some of the grants that are available. “I’m hoping we will have something back to council soon,” she said.

Jake Youngren told the Council that the City of Chelan is looking very favorably for a $3.5 million dollar grant to complete the Lakeside Trail from Campbell’s to Lakeside Park. “There are 28 projects out there that will share in $53 million available,” said Youngren.

Author: allthingslakechelan

I have been a journalist, photojournalist and reporter in the Lake Chelan Valley since 1988; first with the Wenatchee World, then 15 years at the Lake Chelan Mirror and another 12 years at GoLakeChelan. Currently, I am semi-retired but can't give up the media gig which is why I started All Things Lake Chelan blog. I also have two social media platforms; allthingslakechelan/facebook and lakechelansportsandrecration/facebook. I am also a professional photographer with many credits with major outlets around the world.

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