Council hears update on funding strategies from Annalisa Noble

by Richard Uhlhorn

Funding opportunities:

City Council and Staff received an update on grant funding progress from both City Administrator Wade Farris and funding specialist Annalisa Noble at its Workshop on Tuesday afternoon, May 2.

“There is a lot of ground work to be done,” said Farris. “That’s what we are going to talk about.” He mentioned that the City still doesn’t have a grant. Noble said, “We have been meeting, researching and making phone calls.”

City Administrator Wade Farris

Noble has been meeting monthly since January with Farris and others to discuss upcoming funding opportunities.

In February Farris, Councilwoman Erin McCardle and Noble met with the Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB) to discuss potential economic development projects, but the City wasn’t eligible at that time.

In March, she completed the Loop Coalition Trail funding research and coordination, but did not apply for a grant because the cost benefit analysis and strategic objectives did not align with City needs.

In April, Annalisa initiated funding assistance for proposed City Hall Renovation project. She has been meeting with Chelan Public Works regarding water, wastewater and transportation funding.

On April 19, Noble met with the Community Development Block Grant staff on the Anderson Road Sewer Extension Project. “The City is eligible for that grant,” said Noble. “It was good to meet with the CDBG staff,” added Noble. However the timing to apply is too early. “There is a potential to get grants or a loan you don’t have to pay back,” explained Noble.

CDBG grants are due in June for affordable housing. The Anderson Road Sewer Extension Project will be on the City’s top list to secure funding.

She has also been  coordinating with various funding agencies and City Staff in April.


Noble planned on coordinating with Luis Gonzalez in the Planning Department, but was informed at the meeting that Gonzalez has left the City for a position at Chelan County.

She met with the staff of the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund that has grants available for priority water projects in the Fall of 2023. There are also Department of Ecology Grants for water and wastewater projects due in the Fall.

She plans on meeting with CHIP staff on the Anderson Road Sewer Extension Project. Public Works Director Jake Youngren said they would be applying for an entire CHIP grant. Noble replied that CHIP funds are not a 100 percent grant, but could cover 60 to 70 percent of the intended purpose which is to pay for waived connection fees.

Noble will be attending Public Works Board webinars on May 10 and 11. PWB funding applications are due for infrastructure grants and loans by July 8.

Funding applications for SS4A (Safe Streets and Roads for All) are due by July 15. In order to obtain a grant from this program the City needs a Safety Program. “If you don’t have a safety program, make one,” said Noble.

Mayor Goedde remarked that private planner Susan Driver had researched crosswalks at Center St. and Saunders and Johnson. “Is that money still out there,” he asked? Noble replied that it was. “It is currently closed but will open again next year, typically in March and April.”

“There are other funding programs we can watch for,” said Noble. Councilman Marc Ericks asked about USDA grants and Noble said she would look into those.

Farris stated that a lot of groundwork has been accomplished. “This is most of what we are trying to do. We are getting there,” said Farris.

In other workshop business:

City Attorney went over the new City Council Rules of Procedure with the Council on what they can and cannot do.

City Attorney Quentin Batjer

Jake Youngren announced that the City has received funding approval to complete the Lakeside Trail. “We are just waiting for the award letter,” said Youngren. The grant is for $3 million dollars with a $700,000 City match.

Public Works Director Jake Youngren

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