City to hold Strategic Planning Retreat

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By Richard Uhlhorn


Chelan City Council will meet in special session beginning at 9:00 a.m. on April 6, 2019 in Council Chambers at 135 E Johnson Avenue in Chelan, Washington. The purpose of this Strategic Planning Retreat is to discuss: 1) Legislative Update, 2) City Hall and Public Works Workspace Study, 3) Chelan County Sheriff’s Office Report, 4) .1% Sales Tax for Affordable Housing, 5) 2020 Capital Project Priorities, 6) Brainstorming Session. No action will be taken. Please note, the retreat is for Councilmembers and public input will only be taken up on Council’s approval.

At the March 27th City Council meeting Richard Watson was recognized by Mayor Mike Cooney and the Council for his dedication to Community Service. Watson has worked with Chelan Valley Hope for the past 10 years and Mayor Cooney stated that at their recent dinner, CVH “showed Chelan at its very, very best.”


Rich Watson (right) was honored at the March 27 City Council meeting for his 10 years of community service.

Before retiring and becoming involved in community service, Watson was a banker. Over the years, he has worked with the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, the Lake Chelan Hospital Foundation, Lake Chelan Ski Club, round tables at the Community Center and was one of the first people to help Chelan Valley Hope get started.

Watson is a member of Rotary and helped develop and construct Rotary Park and has worked with the Columbia Valley Health Board.

“I appreciate the recognition,” said Watson who also stated that he didn’t get into community service to be recognized, but to help the community


Dani Kroll, board member of the Chelan Bach Fest presented the City Council with a plan to improve Chelan’s Riverwalk Pavilion with new acoustic panels by September, 2019 and to help increase scheduled events by
10 percent by August, 2020

Prior to the special presentations that also included the new North Shore Interceptor Sewer Agreement with the Lake Chelan Reclamation District (LCRD), Bach Fest Board Member, Dani Kroll spoke to the Council about a plan to improve Chelan’s Riverwalk Park’s pavilion’s acoustic and visual environment for performing art events by installing 10 durable, safe and easy to use wall panels by September.

The plan for the Pavilion is to increase the number of scheduled events by August, 2020 by 10 percent and establish a capital reserve fund for panel maintenance and replacement through a $50 per event use of the panels.

The cost for the acoustic panel project is $42,500 and Kroll said, “We have raised almost half of that.”


Public Works Director Jake Youngren

Regarding the North Shore Interceptor Agreement, Jake Youngren told the Council that the two agencies needed a new agreement for over 14 years. He talked about the pro-rated share of costs and the LCRD will pay the City 22 percent of the total cost of sewer treatment. “The agreement is pretty lengthy, but we feel really good about it,” said Youngren. The new agreement also has language to begin a joint odor control program.

Councilman Ray Dobbs asked about Manson’s Hookup Fees. LCRD Manager Rod Anderson said, “I think we are close (to Chelan) but hookup fees are lower. We are looking at ramping them up.”


Councilman Ty Witt

Councilman Ty Witt asked how the City audits the sewer flows. Youngren replied that both agencies have flow meters installed along with data logs. Witt stated that if the numbers on flow are the same everyone is happy.

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Under motion considerations the Council heard from Planning Director Gildroy on the 2019 Comprehensive Plan and Development Amendments. “We are planning on developing a work plan and process all at one time,” said Gildroy. “The proposals haven’t been fully developed yet.”

The amendments will include changes or proposals on the following:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Wildfire
  • Boat and Slip usage
  • Lead/Arsenic which Gildroy says the City is still working with the Department of Ecology on.
  • The Northshore Pathway.

Gildroy told the Council that the Chelan Planning Commission was seeking approval of this year’s work plan. “We think it is a realistic plan for this year,” said Gildroy.

Councilman Tim Hollingsworth asked about the Public Works Development Standards. Gildroy said he hadn’t seen them yet. Dobbs remarked that the City is working on developing a set of standards.

Gildroy also mentioned the Lead/Arsenic issue and told the Council that he wasn’t willing to raise the SEPA Threshold until the DOE is complete with its studies.

Dobbs stated that the Public needs to know early and participate in the process.


City Administrator Mike Jackson

City Administrator Mike Jackson brought forth an agenda bill to revise the City’s Regular Meetings to include the bi-weekly special workshops to a regular meeting basis thus eliminating the need to publically announce them within the 24 hour notice period required. “We have had the entire council meeting once a month for the past two years and it has worked well.”

Past Councilmember and candidate for Mayor Stan Morse stated that people would not be able to attend these public meetings if they took place during the work day. He suggested that they move the time to after work hours so residents could attend if they wished. Mayor Cooney replied that the they would take his suggestion and discuss it.

The City Administrator Mike Jackson told the Council that since the construction of the roundabout at No-See-Um Road intersection was done by the Washington State Department of Transportation, that the City’s cost was much less than what was assumed in 2006 when they established a cost reimbursement benefit area for new developments in the area. For that reason he recommends establishing new reimbursement amount based on the actual cost incurred by the City. “It’s a piece of business that affects a lot of people and Benefit areas can be ambiguous.”

“We saved these developers a lot of money. They would be on the hook for all of it (otherwise),” said Jackson. Clint Campbell remarked that he and Jake (Youngren) were going to have a meeting of the mind before the next council meeting before the Council decides on an amount.

The Food Truck idea is still being proposed adjacent to the sailboat storage area in Lakeshore Marina. “The concept is to bring in a variety of food not currently available,” said Jackson. According to Jackson the intent is not to duplicate food currently available but to expand food choices and add more color and variety to the City.

He asked the Council to bring back their thoughts about this concept, stating it would be operated on a day to day basis for x-number of dollars. There would be no music allowed and the City would be responsible for garbage/recycle removal.

Jackson said he had talked with several restaurants but hadn’t talked to the Park Concessionaire about the concept. (At a later date, Erin McCardle said she had talked to the Concessionaire who was against the idea).


Amy Mack, new Owner/Operator of the Lakeview Drive-In.

Amy Mack, new owner/manager of the Lakeview Drive-In told the Council that she had questions. “I haven’t been in the Drive-In for a full summer. This could be a really strong issue for us.” She also wondered what Tony Race at Chelan Market has to say about it. Chelan Market has a thriving deli business. Not only would it be completion, but parking could also be an issue for Mack.

She said Company Creek Pizza is also concerned about the parking issue. Mack said there are very few bathroom options and that needs to be considered.

Jackson replied that there would be a whole list of requirements for this operation including insurance, references and quality. “We may not get into it,” stated Jackson. “There is a lot of opportunity when you look at that park. It would bring some excitement.”


Councilman Tim Hollingsworth

Hollingsworth said that the positive side is that it would be a go to place. “I see the potential.”


Councilwoman Kelly Allen

Councilwoman Kelly Allen brought up the garbage issue. “Who in the City is going to be taking care of the garbage,” she asked. Allen said that the garbage at her place of business is always overflowing. “What is the plan for this.” Jackson replied that the City would develop a management plan for those contingencies.


Councilman Ty Witt

Witt stated that there were three to four weekends over the summer when the restaurants were overloaded. Dobbs suggested $100 a day or $350 per week. Hollingsworth feels that a trial basis would be good. Allen said, “I’m in no rush.” Mayor Cooney stated that it would be done right.


Councilman Ray Dobbs

During Council Comments, Ray Dobbs said that LINK will begin running a trolley between Wal-Mart and Lakeside beginning on July 4 to get people out of their cars.

The City will be holding a City Council Strategic Retreat on Saturday, April 6, beginning at 9 a.m. in Council Chambers.

The next City Council meeting is on April 9 at 6 p.m. The public is encouraged to attend.

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