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by Richard Uhlhorn

The City of Chelan has a new

Chelan City Council had a lot on its plate last Tuesday, March 28

False Fire Alarm Ordinance:

The City of Chelan City Council approved a False Fire Alarm ordinance at its Tuesday, March 28 meeting after seeing a presentation by Chelan Fire & Rescue’s Chief Brandon Asher on the district’s long term strategy.

One of the issues Chelan Fire has been dealing with are false alarms with one business being the major culprit.

“I think this ordinance will help us out and enable property owners to maintain their property,” said Chelan Building official Luis Rodriquez. The ordinance is in place to promote functioning and compliant alarm systems and discourage repeated violations.

For every false alarm that Chelan Fire responds too, the department will issue a warning notice with a copy provided to the City’s Building Department’s Fire Officer for record keeping.

Councilman Peter Jamtgaard complained that the fees associated with the ordinance are too small. The fee structure calls for a $100, $250 and $500 fines from the first through third violation.

Jamtgaard said, “How much does it cost for a (fire) truck and crew to go out. I think it is substantially more than the fines in the ordinance.”

Rodriquez stated that the City Council can change the amounts of they want and said, “I don’t know how much it costs for a truck and crew.” The fee schedule was derived from research of other districts and communities. “There were some fees that were really high.”

Councilman Tim Hollingsworth asked, “How many individuals have had false alarms.” Rodriquez said there had been up to 38 calls. Hollingsworth said, “Hopefully people will get the message.”

The Council approved the amendment to the Rate & Fee resolution. Jamtgaard reiterated his concern. “I don’t think the numbers are anywhere near the costs.”

Chelan Records Project:

Council approved a $11,913 contract with Cities Digital for 55 hours of consulting services for “

Main Zone Capacity Improvement Project:

Pipkin Construction bid $755,535.21 on the above project. The City’s estimate was $900,000. Public Works Director Jake Youngren said all bidders were within 10% of each other. “It is a nice change in (bidding) trends we’ve been seeing,” said Youngren.

The $300,000 in savings will be used as contingency funding for the project.

The project includes the Darnell’s Booster Pump Station Improvements Project and the Main Zone (water/sewer) Capacity Project. The Booster Pump Station Improvements are slated to take place this summer/fall.

Don Morse Park satellite food concession:

Park’s Director Paul Horne stated that after the first year Mack Restaurants (Lakeview Drivein) operated its satellite concession to deliver food and drink to park visitors he requested that the Council extend that agreement. “I was really impressed with their performance last year,” said Horne. “It’s a tough place to do a concession and transport foot to that outpost.”

Amy Mack, operator of the Lakeview concession was able to put an electric bike to transport food back and forth with great success. Hollingsworth stated he had heard good things about the satellite concession.

Council approved the concession request.

Golf Course Clubhouse painting:

City Council approved a bid to prepare and then paint the Lake Chelan Golf Course Clubhouse to JMC Painting of Manson for $14,458.14. The Parks Department received four bids on this project. “This is the first paint job in a decade,” said Horne. “It will be a much needed improvement to the clubhouse.”

Council also approved a HVAC improvement at the Clubhouse to Cascade Mechanical for $21,904.38. Over the last two summers, the current HVAC system was unable to keep the clubhouse cool during high heat days.

Administrative Report:

The Chelan/Douglas County Transportation Council is calling for project proposals from the area’s agencies and organizations.

Youngren stated that Public Works will request $800,000 for the Sanders Street Crosswalk Project. He told Councilmembers that there was a 13% match requirement.

Mayor/Council Comments

Councilman John Olson asked if the City is requiring or making improvements to No-See-Um Road now that the Highland project was approved by the Hearings Examiner. John Ajax replied that improvements are in the works.

Councilman Chris Baker remarked that there were 10 sites with offensive graffiti and wondered if the City and PUD were aware of, and taking care of this. “I don’t know what the solution is but the longer it is left, the worse it gets. It is a real problem and a horrible look for visitors.”

Wade Farris asked Sgt. Huddleston if it was a gang or a bunch of wannabees doing the graffiti? Huddleston replied it was wannabees because, as far as he knew, there were no actual gangs in the area. “We don’t have a huge problem (with gangs),” said Huddleston.

The City is moving forward with removal of graffiti on City property.

Mayor Goedde said there are discussions regarding boundary changes at the old City ballfields which might be increased. In addition the PUD is determing what can be installed on their property in South Chelan which might end up being a park or soccer field for AAU players.

Goedde also mentioned the potential installation of an electric car charging station at the Intersection of Emerson and Trow. “Tesla is now offering an adapter so cars other than Tesla’s can use their charging stations.

Jackie Tupling said she has sent out letters to City customers regarding monthly on-line payments with debit cards.

City Administrator Wade Farris said the Representative Michael Steele will put the City in for the $1 million dollars the City is shy of for the water system to the airport, and that the City can move forward with the construction this year. Steele will be putting the $1 million dollars into next year’s budget.

The City’s next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 11 beginning at 6 p.m. Residents and visitors are invited to attend.

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