Scott Meyers takes over Chelan Valley Housing Trust as its new director

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by Richard Uhlhorn

The Chelan Valley Housing Trust is under new leadership. Scott Meyers has taken over the executive director role from outgoing Rachael Goldie.

Scott Meyers is the new Executive Director of the Chelan Valley Housing Trust and is looking forward to leading the organization into the future of affordable housing in the Valley.

Meyers and his wife, Stacy, returned to Valley after three years in Arizona. Meyers and Stacy were the owners of the Lake Chelan Cheese Company which was sold to Lake Chelan Winery.

“We looked all over the country for an area with water and agriculture that was sustainable.” The Meyer’s return to Chelan was not a hard decision, but once here Scott realized he had to become involved in something. “We could barely afford to come back,” he said.

Meyers, who has a degree in business from PLU and an accounting degree from the University of Washington, is a perfect fit to lead the Housing Trust into the future. “I’ve bounced around working with developers and in the medical field,” said Myers

Meyers saw that the Housing Trust was seeking a new director and applied. “I felt that my perspective and education fit the needs of the organization.” The Housing Trust’s board felt the same way and hired Meyers to move the organization forward.

Emerson Village is the first completed project for the Housing Trust.

Currently, the Chelan Housing Trust has several upcoming projects which will be available to potential buyers this Fall.

Six more townhouses will be built on Emerson Street and two solo homes on Iowa Street that will sell for $300,000 to $350,000.

Six more townhouses will soon be constructed on this corner on Emerson Street. The house will be moved to a new location sometime in April.

The Anderson Road Project (Chelan River Heights) is currently going through planning for infrastructure with a possible easement from Miller Street. Chelan Fruit wants Anderson Road left alone because of business disruptions.

Chelan River Heights will eventually be a mixed income community on 9.15 acres with 40 homes, seven of which will be market rate homes. The profits from these will help subsidize the remainder of the project.

“We are currently Chelan centric,” said Meyers. “The Housing Trust is looking to get more going in Manson. We want to be more diverse and have Hispanic involvement.”

“With our program, a buyer will pay around $1,200 per month plus a $100 monthly maintenance fee. You don’t lose,” said Meyers. “It’s easy to buy and when potential buyers get a real look at what’s possible they’re more willing to buy into the program.”

Chelan Valley Housing Trust is always seeking volunteers, donations and gift property. The office is located on Johnson Avenue in the KOZI building. They can be reached by telephone – 509-508-1183 or through its website at

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